Best Practices for Data Center Risk Mitigation in 2024

Data Center Risk Mitigation

The data center industry is continuously evolving to keep up with technological advancements and address emerging risks. As we enter 2024, data center operators need to be proactive in implementing risk mitigation best practices to ensure business continuity and data security. Here are some of the top recommendations for mitigating data center risks in the … Read more

Additional IPv4: New Pricing

Additional IPv4 New Pricing

Infotera Announces 2023 IPv4 Pricing Updates With IPv4 exhaustion accelerating, Infotera is adjusting prices for extra IPv4 addresses across its product portfolio. These changes reflect current market conditions and will take effect over 2023.   Drivers of Increased IPv4 Scarcity IPv4 provides around 4.3 billion addresses, which seemed ample decades ago. But with today’s explosion … Read more

Six Best Practices for Data Center Migrations

Data Center Migrations

Organizations migrating to the cloud face a variety of challenges, including data consistency and privacy concerns. Cloud deployments must also consider costs, performance and governance requirements. Before embarking on any cloud journey, IT decision-makers should carefully evaluate their current systems and applications, pinpoint areas that need improvement or could benefit from the scalability of cloud … Read more

Bare metal servers vs dedicated servers

dedicated servers

The main difference between the two lies in their purpose – dedicated servers are designed for companies who need to host many websites, applications or databases simultaneously. Bare metal servers, on the other hand, are typically used by organizations who have a large amount of data to store and analyze quickly such as big data … Read more

Benefits of moving to PHP 8

Benefits of moving to PHP 8

8..0 and 8.1 include faster loading times, more secure coding, improved support for object-oriented programming (OOP) principles, increased compatibility with different web hosting services and better error handling capabilities. In addition to these advantages, PHP 8 also introduces several new features such as JIT compilation, union types, match expressions and attributes that allow developers to … Read more

Does your web project need a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server

As your business grows, you may encounter capacity constraints with on-premises servers. Dedicated Servers are a great option for businesses looking to access their critical applications and websites quickly and reliably. A dedicated server offers advanced web hosting capabilities such as high performance hardware, optimized software environments, increased security, and much more. With Infotera’s comprehensive … Read more

How to improve the speed of your website with a CDN?

speed of your website with a CDN

To understand how a CDN can help improve the speed of your website, it’s important to first recognize how web pages are served. Typically, when someone visits your website, their browser makes an HTTP request to the server where your site is hosted. This request contains information such as the page or resource they want … Read more

Why Are Dedicated Servers Better For Gaming

Dedicated Servers provide more reliable, stable connections with minimal latency. Dedicated Servers are exclusively used for gaming and have the power to host multiple game sessions with ease and security. Dedicated Servers are designed specifically to meet all the needs of gamers and offer superior performance, reliability, scalability and uptime – ensuring a smooth gaming … Read more