Demystifying Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel: A Comprehensive Guide

cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels, providing a graphical interface and automation tools to easily manage websites. cPanel is commonly used with Linux-based web hosting plans, including Economy Linux hosting.

What is Economy Linux Hosting?

Economy Linux hosting refers to low-cost shared hosting plans that use the Linux operating system. Linux is open-source, so hosting providers can offer Linux plans cheaper than Windows options.

The “economy” name means these plans have limited resources compared to higher-tier options, but are good enough for small websites, blogs, and starter projects. Resources are shared by multiple accounts on the same server.

Benefits of Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel

There are several pluses to using an Economy Linux hosting plan with cPanel:

  • Cheap: Economy Linux hosting is very affordable, starting around $3-5/month. cPanel doesn’t add any extra fees.
  • User-friendly: cPanel provides an intuitive GUI to simplify hosting management. No need for Linux command line skills.
  • Feature-rich: Get all the tools you need like email, databases, file/FTP access, apps, and scripts.
  • Scalable: Easily upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers as your site grows. Migrating between cPanel servers is straightforward.
  • Good support: cPanel hosts generally provide 24/7 customer support and lots of documentation.

How cPanel Works with Economy Linux Hosting

cPanel is installed on top of the Linux operating system on the web server. Each hosting account gets access to its own isolated cPanel interface. From here, you can:

  • Set up email addresses and forwarders
  • Install apps like WordPress or Joomla with one-click
  • Manage databases and create MySQL users
  • Configure security, file permissions, and domains
  • Monitor resource usage and site traffic
  • Access web server configuration files
  • Manage DNS zones
  • Automate tasks using cron jobs
  • Install SSL certificates
  • Create FTP accounts
  • Back up the server

Many of these tasks would need technical skill without cPanel. Most budget hosts like include cPanel by default.

Managing an Economy Linux Hosting Account with cPanel

Let’s look at some common management tasks with cPanel:

Installing WordPress

To install WordPress on Economy Linux hosting with cPanel:

  1. Login to your cPanel dashboard and go to “Software/Services”
  2. Select the WordPress icon
  3. Choose the domain name for your site
  4. Adjust any options like the WordPress version or directory
  5. cPanel will automatically create the needed database and users
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the WordPress installation

Setting up Email

To add email accounts:

  1. Go to the “Email Accounts” section in cPanel
  2. Click “Create” and enter the desired email address and password
  3. Adjust Spam filter settings if wanted
  4. Click “Create Account”

You can also create forwarded, aliases, auto-responders, and mailing lists.

Managing Domains

cPanel makes it easy to work with domains and DNS records:

  1. Go to the “Domains” section
  2. Click “Add a Domain”
  3. Enter the domain nameservers if changing nameservers
  4. Use the “Zone Editor” to add DNS records
  5. Adjust nameserver glue records if needed

Migrating to VPS or Dedicated Hosting

One cPanel shared hosting plus is the ability to scale up. When your site outgrows the limited resources of Economy Linux hosting, you can easily migrate to VPS or dedicated servers with cPanel pre-installed.

cPanel has built-in tools to migrate sites between servers. Or your host can help with the migration process – often for free or a small fee. This lets you keep using cPanel without learning new systems.


Economy Linux hosting with cPanel is ideal for new websites. You get an affordable and user-friendly hosting environment. Take advantage of all the powerful cPanel tools to easily build and manage your site. And scale up to VPS or dedicated hosting with cPanel when required.

cPanel removes the technical barrier often associated with Linux hosting. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, cPanel makes Economy Linux hosting simple and convenient.

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