Is WordPress Secure?

Is WordPress Secure

To put it simply, no website is 100% secure. However, WordPress does have a solid security structure in place to help protect your website and keep it safe from malicious activities like Spectre. WordPress offers an extensive suite of tools to protect your site from hackers and cyber-attacks. It automatically applies essential security updates and … Read more

Why Are Dedicated Servers Better For Gaming

Dedicated Servers provide more reliable, stable connections with minimal latency. Dedicated Servers are exclusively used for gaming and have the power to host multiple game sessions with ease and security. Dedicated Servers are designed specifically to meet all the needs of gamers and offer superior performance, reliability, scalability and uptime – ensuring a smooth gaming … Read more

How to connect to a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

How to connect vps

Whether you’re a VPS newbie or an experienced VPS user, it pays to know how to connect! VPS connections come in two main forms and the method you choose depends on your operating system (OS). Below we’ll run through both methods of VPS connection, so let’s get started. How to connect to a Virtual Private … Read more

How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Business

Domain Name

1. Pick a TLD that best suits your domain name. Consider the message you want to send with the domain, and think about whether a .com, .biz, .org or any other TLD is more appropriate for your domain.  For instance, if you want to create a website for a business venture, then ‘.biz’ might be … Read more