What is different between Plesk and cPanel?

Plesk and cPanel

Both have many features in common, such as support for multiple sites and domain names, server-level scripting languages, databases, backups and FTP accounts. However, cPanel offers more robust account management capabilities than Plesk. cPanel also provides an extensive library of vendor-provided applications that you can quickly install on your server. What is Plesk? Plesk is … Read more

Infotera Control Panel: Why Does the Right Web Hosting Control Panel Matter?

Control Panel

Infotera Control Panel is a web hosting control panel designed to simplify the process of managing and running your website. The panel was created with user experience in mind, making it simple for anyone to take full control of their website’s operations. Its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) eliminates the need for complex command-line commands, … Read more

Is WordPress Secure?

Is WordPress Secure

To put it simply, no website is 100% secure. However, WordPress does have a solid security structure in place to help protect your website and keep it safe from malicious activities like Spectre. WordPress offers an extensive suite of tools to protect your site from hackers and cyber-attacks. It automatically applies essential security updates and … Read more